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Emergency appeal for Didik the baby orangutan.

Didik the baby orangutan has a bullet lodged in his shoulder. He was probably wounded when his mother was shot dead so that poor Didik could be captured and sold as a pet.

It is heartbreaking to imagine how much this little orangutan has suffered since being torn from his mother in the forest.

Last week, sick and starving, Didik was abandoned in a shop in West Borneo. He may have been dumped because his owner knew it was illegal to keep an orangutan as a pet and wouldn’t seek medical help for him. Thankfully, the local Forestry Department called on our rescue team to rush Didik to our centre for emergency treatment.

Please make a gift today to help us save Didik.

Our vets report that Didik is receiving special treatment for a fungal skin infection and an eye infection. Although hungry, he doesn’t know how to eat and struggles even to open his mouth. The little ape is suffering from such severe malnutrition that his growth has been stunted. “His body is very small but after examining his teeth we estimate him to be about 18 months old,” says Dr Karmele Llano Sanchez, vet and programme director of IAR Indonesia. 

Didik is deeply traumatised by what has happened to him. He has such a look of pain and sadness in his eyes. “For an animal like an orangutan, witnessing the death of its mother is a profoundly shocking experience. That is undoubtedly why Didik looks so sad and depressed,” Sanchez explains. “It will take a long time for him to recover from the nightmare he has been through and start to take an interest in his surroundings.”

Now that he is in our care, Didik is being given plenty of nutritious food and vitamin supplements by our team of vets and carers, to build up his strength. Vet Ayu is feeding him from a syringe on baby porridge with banana in it. Our team is doing everything possible to help him survive but he is clearly deeply traumatised by what he has been through. It will take months, even years, for him to recover. Tragically, we can’t replace a mother’s love –  but with your help we will do everything we can to comfort and care for little Didik after his terrible loss.

Please send a gift today of whatever you can afford to help us give Didik all the love and care he needs to survive.

Thank you.