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International Animal Rescue Saving animals from suffering around the world

50 more bears

Please Help Free More Suffering Bears

International Animal Rescue is on a mercy mission to help suffering bears in Armenia. The terrible cruelty and neglect suffered by caged brown bears in Armenia simply cannot go on - beautiful brown bears are being locked up in small, squalid cages, surviving on scraps and filthy, stagnant water. 

We have rescued 25 bears but 50 more are still waiting to be freed from similar sickening conditions. Gordon is one of the 25 bears we have rescued from this misery.

We found Gordon slumped on a cold hard floor in a tiny, narrow cage with barely room to turn around. He spent the long days lying with his nose pressed through the bars, or gnawing endlessly on them in a desperate attempt to break free.

Gordon must have suffered in silence for days, then weeks, then months, waiting patiently for someone to save him from his misery. And, heartbreakingly, there are still 50 poor bears living like Gordon and waiting for that time to come.

Our goal is to free all these tortured bears in Armenia and rehabilitate and eventually release those that are physically and mentally equipped to fend for themselves in the wild.  Those that are not viable for release will be given a permanent home in sanctuaries where they will be well cared for, well fed and have the freedom to express natural bear behaviour.

We are already preparing to set more bears free. But we can’t do it without you. We urgently need your help to give caged bears like Gordon the freedom they deserve.

Please help us save more caged bears as quickly as possible. Your donation will help maintain the momentum of our Great Bear Rescue campaign, so that we never have to say no when a bear needs our help.

Together we can end this torture for good. Thank you for whatever you can give.

Your donation today could give bears a new chance at life.


could help us provide enrichment activites to keep the bears stimulated and active


could provide the bears with a healthy meal once they reach our rescue centre


could provide a fully stocked first aid kit for a rescue


could help pay for soft bedding to soothe their aches and pains


could help us pay the expert vets who attend every rescue


could pay for the ongoing treatment and care these bears desperately need

If you have any problems making a donation, or any queries about your donation and our projects, please email us at [email protected]

​In the event that we are successful in achieving our target for a specific appeal or rescue project, any excess funds from your kind donation will be used by International Animal Rescue to help other animals in similar need.