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International Animal Rescue Saving animals from suffering around the world

10 year Anniversary gift for our projects in Indonesia

Our teams work tirelessly to rescue and protect endangered species that are suffering as a result of habitat loss, the illegal pet trade, and exploitation for public entertainment.  

Your special gift will help us continue our vital life-saving work in Indonesia for years to come.

Your gift could support emergency rescues, life-saving veterinary care, education and outreach in local communities, or the release of an endangered animal back into a safe place in the wild.

Please join us in celebrating our milestone 10 year anniversary by buying this special gift today. Together we can reach out and rescue so many more suffering animals around the world!

Virtual gifts are items we can buy for the animals with your kind donations. They can be bought from yourself or as a gift for someone else. Buy as a gift for your friend, family member or colleague and they will receive an email explaining these items have been bought for our rescued animals on their behalf.

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