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‘This slow loris has all its teeth’

It is important to realise that we rarely get a full look at the slow lorises teeth in these types of videos, therefore people could easily lie. 

The owner also may not be aware that the teeth may have been fractured or partially removed. Just look at the case of our rescued slow loris ‘Lily’. On rescue it appeared that Lily’s teeth were all intact. However in the months following her rescue she developed a bacterial infection as she had a fracture in just one tooth. It is likely that although her teeth were not fully clipped, the traders had tried to clip them and did damage to just one tooth which lead to the bacterial infection and large amounts of pain and suffering for poor Lily.

Even if a pet loris does indeed have its teeth it does not excuse the fact that this person is supporting the cruel slow loris pet trade and causing their pet huge amounts of suffering! The loris will still have been poached from the wild, it will still have been transported in terrible conditions and it will still be being kept in a cage, in a brightly lit room, being fed an inappropriate diet and unable to perform natural behaviours. The removal of teeth is just one horrendous part of this cruel issue and stating that the loris 'still has his teeth' does not justify keeping this animal as a pet. 

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