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‘This Loris was born in a pet shop! It’s domestic and looks happy!'

People may state that their pet slow loris was born in a pet shop, however this is highly unlikely - even if the owner doesn’t realise it. It is notoriously difficult to breed lorises in captivity.

To run a successful loris breeding programme you would need an immense knowledge of loris ecology and also suitable facilities for breeding, a pet shop environment simply cannot provide such things. In addition to this, lorises only have one offspring at a time (apart from pygmy slow lorises that have twins) and have a long inter-birth interval of around 16 months. It is therefore highly unlikely that lorises are being successfully bred in pet shops. 

However, even if someone’s pet loris was born in a pet shop – that does not make owning it okay. Buying a pet slow loris supports the trade that is causing these amazing animals to become extinct and any loris kept as a pet will be suffering, regardless of where it was born. Find out more about why slow lorises do not make suitable pets. 


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