Cat Rescue Rescuing cats in need

Cat Rescue

Rescuing Cats at Home and Abroad

Sterilisation is the only humane and effective way of reducing and controlling large populations of stray cats. International Animal Rescue’s vets in India and Indonesia routinely sterilise stray cats at our clinics. 

Our mission

Our aim is to improve the welfare of stray cat populations through sterilisation. Large communities of stray cats can be a nuisance to people. The animals themselves also suffer from a lack of food, untreated wounds and injuries leading to infection and even death, as well as countless unwanted kittens born to females that are too weak and malnourished to feed them.

As well as providing a sanctuary for unwanted cats, Catastrophes Cat Rescue’s work with feral cats involves spaying and neutering complete colonies and giving any necessary veterinary treatment. Feral cats are returned to their site of capture if long-term food and shelter can be provided. If not, they remain at Catastrophes for life.

Blackie the rescued cat